Top Day Trips from Paris – Best Way to Visit

Do you know there are impressive places to see near Paris? We know Paris is the attraction in France, and from there, you will have access to countless exciting sites known for their history, art, architecture, shopping, champagne, music, and endless entertainment. However, you will be surprised when you see places that are often neglected because of closeness to notable locations. Pack your bags and let us begin the exploration of France’s best must-see places in this interesting day trip adventure.

The best way and places to visit in a day trip from Paris

Paris offers you a chance to see exciting cities nearby by train, bus, or car. Most tourists begin their day-trip tour from the Versailles Palace.

Versailles Palace

Versailles Palace is a top place to visit in France because of its architectural marvel. Relive the times when Louis XIV held sway. You can go by car or by train. From Paris, it is about 30 minutes by car. But why not take the train and see more sights on the way to Versailles.

The train ride through the RER C train is about forty minutes. It will stop you at the Versailles-Château-Rive-Gauche station. If you want to have a private tour to the royal palace, tour guides are available in Paris.

versailles chateau

Once there, admire the opulent hall of mirrors, stroll in the garden where kings and Marie Antoinette trod, enter a boat and row on the Grand Canal, take a long walk to Grand Trianon or even Petite Trianon. Venture into the gorgeous city of Versailles and pray in the Versailles Basilica.

Chateau De Fontainebleau

That castle is attractive with many places to explore there. To visit the Chateau De Fontainebleau, go to the Gare De Lyon central station. Take the RER train and join a bus to the castle. For more privacy, you could go by guided tour too.

At the Chateau, pay the entrance fee to enter. You may ask for an audio guide service to get details of its history. Besides, you will see exquisite paintings of Napoleon Bonaparte with his household. You may stay outside the castle and have a picnic near a lake close to the ground or take a walk in the nearby woods.

The Art Side of France

To see the art of France’s painters, visit a museum as part of the best day trip from Paris. One of the famous art galleries near Paris is Giverny.

If the impressionist art rings a bell, then you could visit that museum to see the skilled paintings of Monet. The Giverny Museum exhibits Monet’s paintings and that of other impressionist artists.

Board a train from Gare de Saint-Lazare. It takes forty-five minutes to ride from Paris to Gare de Vernon-Giverny. Then enter a ten-minute bus or taxi ride to the Giverny museum. You could also get a private tour guide from Paris.

Start the tour from the garden Monet erected to paint most of his popular paintings like the waterlily series. See his house and garden too. The whole Giverny Village is devoted to Monet and Impressionist art and offers you inscriptions bearing that history in many gardens.

Monet’s house and the Giverny Gallery are closed in winter. Confirm the status before taking a trip there. Monet and his household are buried in the Église Sainte-Radegonde de Giverny Cathedral.