What to see in Saint Germain des Pres ?

The city of Paris is a splendor to every eye that beholds it. As a top tourist destination in the world, it has attractions to satisfy a wide variety of visitors. This is because Paris encompasses a number of areas.

One of such areas is Saint Germain De Pres. This is home to the best shopping areas in Paris. Also, the location has a lot of artistic centers. In case you are wondering what to see in Saint Germain De Pres, here are some ideas.

Les Deux Magots

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then it should be eaten at a place that is of equal importance. Les Deux Magots has nothing to do with magots, but great tasting traditional French meals.

This is one of the many reasons why Les Deux Magots is a top tourist restaurant.

Although it can be a bit pricey, the history and great tasting meals makes this restaurant worth every penny. This is arguably the best chocolate spots in Saint Germain De Pres.

La Grande Epicerie

This is the only department store on the Left Bank. Over the course of the year, it has blossomed into becoming the tourist spot it is today. This is your surest spot for getting food supplies for any French pastry you need.

That is not all, there is also a restaurant on one of the levels that serves the best oysters. You can take a break, relax and treat yourself to a delicacy of oysters and wine.

The Odeon Theater

This Greek inspired theater is a great place to relax and enjoy some classical plays. From September to June, the theater performs a regular season of plays. It is also close to some good French restaurants.

The Museum of Minerals

While most museums are either filled with works of art or other items related to history, the museum of minerals is filled with more mineral specimens than art.

Located on Saint Michel’s Boulevard, this place houses over 100,000 mineral specimens. It also has features paintings as temporary exhibitions.

Saint Sulpice Church

If you are a fan of intriguing movies, books or religion, you should visit this church. It is a major part of the book and movie of the Da Vinci Code. This edifice is a true work of art.

The building is not the only thing worth the views. There is a beautiful fountain located close to it. This place also has the only fresco painted by Delacroix.

The Luxembourg Garden and Museum

The Luxembourg garden is beauty to behold. This garden also nests the Luxembourg Museum. The latter is the first museum to be made open to the public in France.

Luxembourg museum is an art museum that does not have a permanent collection. Instead, it changes its exhibits from time to time. If you are lucky, you may be opportune to see a popular artwork.

The National School of Architecture, Painting and Sculpture

The national school of architecture, painting and sculpture is the alma ma ta of famous French figures like Jean-Auguste Ingres, Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, Gustave Moreau and Georges Seurat.

Every midyear, there is an open house to display the works of students. So if you are in the city during June or July, you are in luck to see some amazing works of art.