A night in Paris : Places to Visit in Paris at Night

Paris is a dream for most tourists in the world. It has always been on the bucket list of people who want to go to Europe. Aside been the capital of France, it stands out as being one of the most fascinating destinations in the world. The city shines with an architectural design that can only be seen in your dreams.

Paris is a dream for most tourists in the world. It has always been on the bucket list of people who want to go to Europe. Aside from being France’s capital, it stands out as one of the most fascinating destinations globally. The city shines with an architectural design that usually can only be seen in your dreams.

These fantastic places to visit are renowned as one of the world’s best cities. Visiting Paris at night can give you an everlasting experience. Here are some interesting locations to consider. 

Eiffel Tower

This symbolic edifice is a huge landmark in Paris. Gustavo Eiffel built it to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution. This location is one of the most visited venues worldwide, with a yearly visit of 8 million. It has three floors which give you excellent views of the city, especially at night.

Notre Dame Cathedral

This is another magnificent landmark in Paris. Notre Dame is a Catholic Cathedral situated, in the center of Paris, on the eastern side of the isle de la cite. It offers good scenery of French Gothic architectural design in the world. It houses many arts and gargoyles which beautify the roof. With a step reaching 388, you will enjoy the long climb to the top.

Louvre Museum

This is a significant monument in Paris and one of the most patronized museums around the world. The Louvre is located at the center of Paris with an area of about 211,000 square. It was a former palace and built like a fortress around the late 13th century under King Philip II. There are various antics in this museum, and they include Siberian, Greek, Italian, oriental, paintings, and graphic arts.

Champs Elysees

On the west side of Paris, you have the well-known Avenue des Champs Elysees; you will find in the area everything you need for shopping.  You will also find the monument that is called the Arc of triumph and was commissioned during the reign of Napoleon. It was built around the 18th century and is one of the memorials of its type globally. The commander’s name and the wars they fought are inscribed at the arc.

Cruise on the Seine

How can you visit Paris without taking a look at the city of Light? These places are best seen at night when the lights are visible. You get a good view at the front of this structure and other landmarks. There is a dinner cruise available on the board aboard the Seine.

Castle  of Versailles

Chateau de Versailles is an essential castle in France. It was built in the 18th century to symbolize the strength of the French military. It was the center of political authority from 1681 to 1788. There are beautiful gardens and terraces which tourists will savor for a long. When you visit Versailles, you will see the hall of Mirrors and the queen’s chambers.

Pont Alexander III

Have you ever heard of the bridge of heaven? That is what the Pont Alexandre III is known as. It is beautiful, especially if you walk in the night. The lights that adorn this bridge make it a wonder to behold. It is just a walking distance from the Seine.

Paris is THE Loved destination for visitors around the world. It is beautiful, splendid and has eye-catching places you should visit at night.