Day Trip to Versailles from Paris

France has always been a good destination for holidays and a tourist favorite. There are good avenues like the Versailles where you can visit to have a swell time in France.

Getting to Versailles from Paris is straightforward. It’s the perfect day trip to Versailles from Paris. This location is one of the best sights in France, and your tour cannot be complete without visiting the wonderful Palace of Versailles.

How to get to Versailles from Paris?

Getting to Versailles from Paris is simple when you consider other French locations. The easiest route is via trains. It is very affordable and costs about €8 using the REC C train lines, and you should get to your location within an hour and 10 minutes. To get to the train station, you can use the metro transport; this can be accessed using Google Maps.

If you are using the train, get down at the Versailles Château Gauche station. Check for the direction of the Rue Royale and turn left towards the Grand Boulevard, you will see the Palace of Versailles on the road.

About the Palace of Versailles

The Versailles is an enigmatic beauty and an edifice to behold, however, it wasn’t this beautiful till recent times. It shows the beauty of French architecture and is very close to Paris. It is just about 20 km from the capital and is a tourist destination for everyone.

The Versailles palace is huge with about 750 rooms, three floors, and 2,300 windows, and 70 staircases. The palace covers an area of about 2,200 acres. It gets about 15 million visitors from all over the world yearly, however, due to Covid-19 protocols, it should be less this year.

You should know that it is a museum which gives highlights the lives of King Louis XIV and Marie-Antoinette. You get to see great decor and designs on all the rooms. The paintings and antique home ware look ever-shiny.


Notable sights at the Versailles

There are several places you must visit when you get to the Versailles, they include:

The Hall of Mirrors

This place is very famous in Versailles. The hall was created as a big terrace which leads to the beautiful garden. However, it was affected by bad weather before it was changed to a gallery in 1685. You should consider taking selfies in this hall as it has more than 400 mirrors and is 250 feet (ca. 76 m) long.

The Royal Opera

This is an excellent site in Versailles. One could walk into the elegant concert rooms which were created during the times of King Louis XV and done by the architect Angie-Jacques in 1775. The royal opera remains a work of ingenuity and technical embellishments. It usually hosts various large functions of up to 2,550 individuals.

The Gallery of Great battle

This place is amazing in its architecture and has a plethora of pictures of generals and huge wars. The history linked to the depicted pictures is large. You can trace the history of about 14 centuries of French grandeur on the walls.

This is virtually the biggest room in the Versailles and was donated to King Louis-Phillips. One can see the great victories of France and how they transmitted to a time of peace.

The Versailles must be the top on your list whenever you are in Paris as the trip is pretty straightforward.